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Model: 5L62
eBay Battery Cable Through Boot Floor Rubber Grommet 1" x 1/4"This sale is for ONE grommet. Replacement rubber grommet that the battery cable passes through in the boot floor. Will also be suitable for other various electrical and wiring applications on the classic Mini and British classics. Gromm..
Ex Tax:£1.25
Model: 4G2494
eBay Bonnet Catch SpringThis sale is for ONE spring. A bonnet catch plate spring replacement. Also fits the aftermarket quick release bonnet pop kits that are available on the market...
Ex Tax:£1.50
Model: BMP349-BMP348
eBay Bonnet Hinge MK3> PAIR INC. Stainless Steel FittingsThis sale is for TWO hinges and fittings. Replacement bonnet hinges from models from approx 1970 onwards. Finished in black powder coat with correct stainless steel fittings...
Ex Tax:£20.00
Brand: MINIMINE Products Model: FPQ10001KIT
eBay Bonnet Lock Fitting Kit INC. Spring, Pin, Nut & Thimble CupThis sale is for ONE kit. The replacement standard bonnet spring, thimble/cup and pin. For non Clubman models only.*..
Ex Tax:£15.00
Model: FPQ10001
eBay Bonnet Lock SpringThis sale is for ONE spring. The replacement standard bonnet spring for the thimble/cup. For non Clubman models only. (They used a longer and wider spring to the round nose model Mini)...
Ex Tax:£3.80
Model: 2H9215
eBay Bonnet Prop Rubber For MK1 MK2 INC. PINThis sale is for ONE rubber and ONE pin. The replacement black rubber bonnet prop/bung to hold the bonnet prop in place on MK1 and MK2 models...
Ex Tax:£2.60
Model: 14A366
eBay Bonnet Safety Catch Hook INC. PinThis sale is for ONE hook and ONE clevis pin. This is the bonnet safety catch hook, does not come with the spring. The catch is designed to keep the bonnet from blowing open whilst driving should the latch either fail or not close completely. The cat..
Ex Tax:£15.00
Model: 14A6740
eBay Boot Lid Cable PAIRThis sale is for TWO cables. Replacement boot lid support straps. Boot lid cables are designed to stop your boot lid from dropping down and causing damage to the boot lid or the rear hinge panel. We would always recommend replacing these in pairs...
Ex Tax:£4.50
Brand: MINIMINE Products Model: ALA6593KIT
eBay Bulkhead Blanking Plate Kit No Heater HolesThis sale is for ONE plate, ONE gasket and correct fittings. Bulkhead heater hose blanking plate for when no heater hoses are used. Made from steel and finished in black powder coat. Kit contains the foam type gasket and the correct set p..
Ex Tax:£8.00
Model: AAU5846A
eBay Mini Clubman bonnet buffers/ adjusters (pair). Suitable for all classic Clubman models including saloon, 1275GT and estate...
Ex Tax:£2.50
Model: CLZ412
eBay Door Check Strap Stay Arm Clevis PinThis sale is for ONE clevis pin. The pin that goes into the door stay check arm on the door itself on all models with wind up type windows from 1970 to 2000. Two are required per car...
Ex Tax:£0.80
Model: CLZ412x2
eBay Door Check Strap Stay Arm Clevis Pin PAIRThis sale is for TWO clevis pins. The pins that go into the door stay check arm on the doors fitted to all models with wind up type windows from 1970 to 2000. Two are required per car. If you just need a single clevis pin for one side of the car, ..
Ex Tax:£1.50
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